Proverbs 17:17...

says, "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."

Tomorrow marks one week since I have been home from the hospital & ordered to "bed rest". I am overwhelmed, amazed & forever grateful for the outpouring of love & generosity from not only our biological family; but also, our church family and our homeschool friends.

Every day this week, we have had a volunteer to be here during the day to help with the kids & housekeeping while Jeff goes to work. And we have had an abundance of meals brought (for which Jeff is extremely grateful) including several casseroles for the freezer. This upcoming week is also booked with help and meals.

Having someone here during the day has helped to pass the time much more pleasantly for all of us... I don't feel like we/I deserve this great outpouring of LOVE at all, but I am forever grateful!

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