Update from the Hospital Bed...

Interrupting our 2009 GOAL updates to bring you an update on me & baby #4. DISCLAIMER: This is a blog on the WORLD-WIDE WEB. I will leave out some of the details that some may think of as TMI. Or honestly, details I don't want to discuss in front of the whole world. ;-)

I was admitted to Baptist hospital yesterday around noon & diagnosed with complete placenta previa. We knew from my last OB appt at 21 weeks that I had low-lying placenta. Unfortunately, it has moved down instead of up. From what I understand, the greatest danger is pre-term labor. I am now 25 weeks pregnant.

And for me, having had 2 previous c-sections, there was a higher risk of having an ecreda (hope I spelled that right). An ecreda is when the placenta attaches to the uterine wall. The risk is higher for someone with previous c-sections b/c of scar tissue. The problem then becomes more serious, increasing the risk of hemorrhage and/or hysterectomy for mom upon delivery. I saw a specialist today, had a high-tech ultra sound done & he does not think I have an ecreda (praise God!). He said he can't guarantee 100% accuracy, but he can diagnose these things correctly 60-70% of the time. Let's pray we're in the 60-70%!!!

SO.....another day here for monitoring & then HOME to COMPLETE bed rest! Sounds lovely, except that I have a family to tend to... Three other kids & the 2 youngest will surely not understand! Ah, but to be back home to see my kiddos again (which are sick right now & I'm sure Jeff would appreciate your prayers as he is doing his best to tend to everything)...

I am a planner by nature, or by Design. So I am spending this quiet time here in the hospital to pray & contemplate a new PLAN. You guys know I had the whole rest of the school year planned out, right? And well, now that plan needs to be adjusted. I won't be able to make it to the homeschool conference at state this year. (It is the highlight of my year.) The kids have several upcoming activities that I won't be able to make, but I thank God that Jeff has a schedule that can (hopefully) be rearranged so that they won't miss out on anything because of me.

We'll make it through, and I'll try real hard to NOT feel sorry for myself. The goal here is a healthy baby, and I thank God for the great medical care we are receiving & for the medical knowledge to know how to handle these things.

Pray for us. It will be a long 10 weeks no matter what. And while we're praying, let's pray big & pray that this previa takes care of itself & moves up higher where it should be!! According to medical percentages, it doesn't happen often. But we serve a BIG GOD & he doesn't care about percentages!! :-)

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