Frugal Tip: Free & Cheap Movie Rentals at Redbox

The entertainment part of our budget, I try to keep as low as possible, especially if there is no educational value in it. Redbox has turned out to be a pretty good fit for that.

If you haven't heard of Redbox for free and cheap movie rentals, you should give it a try. Regular rental fees are only $1 per night. If you're better than I am and can remember to return it on time, that's a great deal! It's also convenient since you can return rentals to ANY kiosk, in any city or state.

If you rent online using the links in this post, you'll receive a free one-night rental. ("I get a free rental if you rent via my link during the program, but I would have shared this frugal tip anyway.) You can also sign up for their Text Club and receive free rental codes to your cell phone every first Monday of the month. Since we have three cell phones in the house, that means three free rentals a month. :)