Casa de Fe Art Show

A fairly new, but annual tradition at Casa de Fe is the Art Show. Teacher, Melissa Medlin, spends the entire school year teaching her students the joys of creating beautiful things.

(Personal note: Being the ultimate practical person that I am, there was a time that I resisted my own desire to create art, no matter the form, because I felt it was a waste of time and resources. Then, I realized that we are fashioned after Creator God, and the desire to create is a God-given desire. So, I don't fight it now. I just don't have TIME for it now!)

A sampling of amazing artwork.

Casa de Fe Director, Patti Sue Arnold and art teacher, Melissa Medlin

If you're interested, Melissa has some of the children's work for sale listed on her blog at mi capullito. If you see something you like, be sure to get in touch with Melissa. Or get in touch with me, and I'll put you in touch with her. Clear as mud?!

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